Top Five Countries Russian Girls Prefer While Dating a Foreigner

That is not a secret that finding a decent man in real life for women from Russia is becoming more and more difficult. That is why many girls turn to online dating websites as a tool to meet a rich foreigner, marry him, and migrate. For that reason we created a list of top five countries Russian brides look for:

1.United States of America

There is no surprise that the first country on our list is the US. It is a dream for many girls to live there. That is why American men are of the very high value of the dating websites: they can offer decent living conditions. Moreover, men from the USA who usually use dating platforms are middle-aged, ready to build a family and provide for it. A win-win for Russian brides.


The next country from our list is a neighbor of the USA – Canada. Why do many Russian women want to marry a Canadian man and move there? Because the standard of living there is much higher than in Russia. Moreover, it is a safer place to build a family and raise children.


There are legends told about Italian men. Many say that they are very generous and kind. For that reason, a lot of young Russian girls want to go there and marry an Italian man. Moreover, Italians like Russian women as it is said that women there do not care for their looks. That is why Russian beauty is highly valued. Moreover, it is a beautiful country that a lot of women want to see and live in.

4. France

Another European country on our list is France. It is an equivalent of romance and happiness for Russian women, and that is why many girls look for a French guy on the dating website. In addition to this, the standard of living is very high there, so a man will be able to provide for a woman and their children. Another advantage of any European country: it is not as far from Russia as Canada and the USA, so it will be easier to travel home and visit relatives.


The last option from our list in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Why has it become of the primary destinations for Russian brides? Well, English men who decided to turn to online dating websites are usually successful and ready to build a stable family. The life there will be very secure with well-planned routines. Moreover, English men prefer regular women with good manners to young girls with model appearance.  

We hope the article was helpful and each woman will find a foreigner of her dreams on the dating websites.

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