How Should a Girl Prepare for the First Date

What does a man want from a date with a woman? First of all, he is also worried, because he wants to impress you. At least he wants to have a pleasant evening, to get away from everyday troubles and fuss by talking to you. When it comes to a woman, the preparation may take some time, as it is necessary to leave the pleasant impressions as well.

At these moments, no matter how old you are and how many dates have you had in your life. You get nervous, especially when you like that man. What to wear? What to say? How to behave? Let’s find the answers together.


You have to decide whether you want attention to be paid to you or your clothes, makeup or hair. Be feminine. You should better wear a dress, but it should not be flashy. If you wear a dress with a large neckline, then do not be surprised that this date can be the last. Men pay attention to vulgarity but do not appreciate it.

You can attract attention in more sophisticated ways. For example, do not pin hair, but leave it loose. It has always been an indicator of femininity, sensuality, and sexuality. As for makeup, it should not hide your facial features but should emphasize them. Light lipstick and slightly underlined eyes are perhaps the best choices.


When communicating with a man, you should not immediately tell your whole biography. Let him have a dialogue. Try to talk about general topics. Ask about his hobbies or interests. Listen carefully; your interest will help him feel more confident. These topics are better to avoid on the first date:

  •  Recent relationships and ex-boyfriends;
  • Your rewards and achievements;
  • Your problems;
  •  Financial situation;
  •  Joint plans for the future;
  •  Children.

Mentally think about how lucky he is that he spends this evening in your company. Firstly, it will give you confidence, and secondly, a man will certainly catch himself at this thought. Remember, a woman who knows her value knows the value of a man.

3)Take your fears away

When preparing for a first date, a woman should understand one simple thing: she should not regard a man as a potential husband and father of her children.

The purpose of the first date is to get to know a partner to understand whether you match each other. Follow a conversation, ask questions, act naturally. There is no need to panic because the first meeting is only an acquaintance and pleasant communication.


When finishing a date, thank him for a wonderful evening. Do not refuse if he wants to take you home. Accept the invitation for a second date, but do not agree on a certain date. Make it clear to your companion that you like him. You must be desired and a little inaccessible. Let the man win your attention and enjoy his victory.

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