What Percentage of Girls Dream of Marriage With a Foreigner

Many girls live with dreams of how to marry a foreigner and live in a beautiful country. There are different estimations of how many women think of having an abroad groom. In general, all over the world, most girls are ready to enter into relations with foreigners (57%), and every tenth (12%) have already done it. Girls between 18 and 23 years old (78%) come in contact with citizens of other states more often. 

What Are the Reasons?

In addition to the main motive of why girls marry a foreigner, there are other factors why this happens.

 1. Character. It is considered that foreign men are more attentive, romantic, and sensitive to girls; these qualities are valuable among women.

 2. High standards of life. It’s not a secret that in Western European or North American countries, the standard of living is much higher. Salary, a social package for a working person, the level of medicine, relationships between people attract potential brides from all over the world. Therefore, girls want to find a foreigner to get away from financial problems.

 3. Security. Good quality of living abroad affects people’s well-being. Another reason why girls marry a foreigner is their wealth. This desire is usually caused by self-interest, but there are those girls who want to marry a wealthy foreigner to have a good family, and it’s not necessarily for him to be rich.

 4. The desire to leave the country. Sometimes girls want to marry a foreigner because in their homeland they have small chances to reach success or get a decent salary.

 5. Change of scenery. The last reason why girls want to marry a foreigner is to change their lives. Some women simply want to change the place of residence with better opportunities and prospects. 

International Love

However, foreigners also like girls from other countries.  Firstly, women from countries with lower living standards are not as spoiled as Europeans or Americans. Secondly, such girls put the family in the first place, not their careers and personal interests. Thirdly, they are excellent housewives and perfect mothers. Of course, girls from Eastern Europe or Latin America are very beautiful. Therefore, men are eager to marry them, knowing that this will be an ideal wife.

According to many modern girls, the first and the most important thing in relationships is sincere feelings. With whom they arose, or to what nationality and race this person belongs is a secondary matter.  And if there is love with a foreigner, isn’t it worth to try?

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