Tips on How to Avoid Fraud While Looking for a Foreigner on the Dating Website

There is no surprise that online dating websites are becoming more and more popular each day. In the modern world of Internet communication, it is truly one of the fastest ways to meet someone. Nevertheless, if in real life there is no place for deception, it is really easy to get scammed on online dating websites. That is why we decided to create several tips that will help women to avoid fraud while trying to meet a foreigner.

1. Never Give Any Money

When a foreigner asks you for money in any form, it is a huge no-no. It means that you have come across a famous Internet scam when you are asked to pay tax for the present a man wants to send. Be aware of this fraud and terminate the communication immediately.

2. Google the Photos the Foreigner Uses

It is not a secret that marrying a foreigner is a dream for many women. But sometimes when you think that you are communicating with one, it can actually be a scam. That is why we recommend to always google the pictures in the profiles. Very often con men can use pictures of models in the advertisements or happily married foreign men the found online.

3. Ask for Live Photos

When you feel that you have been in communication with a man that claims to be a rich foreigner for some time, it would be a good idea to ask for a live photo from home or work. As we have already mentioned, they often use somebody else’s photos, and live photos can be a proof of identity. But note this: you should clearly see a person you are communicating with. Sometimes scammers send pictures of their pets, house, or even plants to create the illusion of the being a real person. That is why the only thing worth believing is a live photo.

4. Use Skype or Other Services to Make a Video Call

Despite the fact that we recommend asking for live photos, a professional con artist on online dating websites have learned to fake it. That is why the only thing that can 100 percent prove who you are communicating with is a video call where you can see a person live. If a foreigner refuses to call you and you communicate only via text, it should be an alarming sign.

5. Do not Be Naive

Every woman wants to have a fairytale where the rich foreign prince comes, marries her, and they live happily ever after. But we recommend thinking clearly and objectively: when a foreign man says that he loves you and wants to have kids with you two days after the conversation began, it is usually a scam. 

We hope that these five tips will help you to stay away from fraud on online dating websites and that you will meet a real foreigner who will make you happy.

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