The Countries in Which Men Treat Women Best

Online dating websites are a primary form of communication nowadays for several reasons. One of them is that it allows girls to meet a secured foreigner, get married, and migrate to another country. But not all foreigners will make good husbands. In some countries, women are treated very poorly. That is why here is our list of five places where girls are treated best:

1. The USA

The first choice of many women is marrying a man from the United States. And for a good reason: statistically, American men treat women with respect. For some of them, it has been hard to find a good loving woman in their homeland, and they turn to online dating websites. Usually, they go for women over 25 who are ready to build a family. The majority of Americans on dating platforms are middle-aged.

2. Italy

Italian men are usually considered attractive and with a strong temper. That is true, but it is also important that many of them are very generous and kind. If they like a woman, it is common to send her expensive gifts and make big romantic gestures. Moreover, a life with Italian men will not be boring because of their love for surprises and emotional moments.

3. United Arab Emirates

This country is a little controversial. Indeed, women cannot become an independent person there. Traditions of Arabic countries sometimes seem too drastic and wild for foreign girls. Many women marry Arabic men and are unhappy because they were not ready to live with such traditions. However, there is no denying that a woman will be cared for and provided for. If you are okay with a man being an absolute lead, then the United Arab Emirates is a solid option.

4. Austria and Germany

There is a tendency for being a strong independent woman who can provide for the family equally to men in such countries as Germany and Austria. However, some men want to have a more traditional family and turn to the dating websites for that reason. The life with a man from Austria and Germany will be stable and without any surprises. Some find such men boring, but they can make a woman feel secure and safe.

5. England

The last country on our list is England. When you think of an Englishman, it is probably a mature gentleman who knows what he wants. And it is true: men from England usually use dating websites when they are financially secure and are ready to have a family. The life with such a man will be well-planned and safe. Another advantage: they do not usually look for young models. They prefer regular women that would be good wives.

Although there is a behavior pattern for foreigners from different countries, it is best to make up your mind based on the features of the man himself rather than country portrait.

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