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Ajax Portrait Photography | Rourke Family

I’ve known this family for a few years now through my friend Psegga… and I have to say I really admire their giving and kind hearts. Thanks Barton, Joanne, and Kyle for being so fun and making me laugh through your whole session!! You guys are great!

Beautiful family + beautiful day = beautiful photos 🙂

Rourke Family  032Rourke Family

Rourke Family  177

Rourke Family  164

Rourke Family 3

Rourke Family  139

Rourke Family  059

Rourke Family  060

Rourke Family  058

Rourke Family  027

Rourke Family 2

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Abbotsford Maternity Photography | Julia & Mike – Maternity

She was my roommate in College… the one who could always make me laugh when times were stressful! And well he is seriously one of the kindest men I know. They’re fabulous people with a fabulous little baby on the way. While I was out west, there was no doubt that we had to take advantage of me being so close. And what a perfect time for photos since she’s “preggo” (as she says – for some reason I really hate that term – why? I don’t know!).

Julia & Mike, Justin and I hope the best for you and your little one 🙂

I hope you enjoy this lifestyle short film that Justin put together!

And now for the photos…



I just loved this old door she had in her house.

This is the Julia laugh that is SO contagious!


Aside from our mutual friend Justin, Mike has got to be THE BIGGEST SPORTS fan of life!

This next shot was definitely appropriate for them.  Thank You Elisha for the idea!

We took some photos in their yard because it was SO green from all that rain!


After a long day of rain, the sun came out just in time to go back down… but the light was perfect for this shoot!


I really love this shot!










gorgeous (I hope I look this good when I’m pregnant!!!)


there were so many from this series.  I probably could’ve posted so many more…



As I was putting my camera away, Mike jumped in the tree…



All the best to you lovely people.  We love you guys so much 🙂

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old and young : portraits

I love when I start feeling like I’m part of the family.  It’s a great feeling!  I’ve had so much fun photographing some special moments for the Rowntree’s.  I photographed Sarah & Jesse’s wedding in 2007… Aaron & Kariann’s newborn Carter back in December… and now their WHOLE family.  As you scroll down, you’ll see grandma and grandpa!  They made us laugh so much! So cute!


can you feel the love?


You wouldn’t remember Sarah & Jesse because I shot their wedding before I started blogging!
It was so nice to see you guys again!

By far my favourite shot!




On a side note.  Although my twitter says: NO COMMENT today.  I couldn’t help myself. It’s April 6th and it’s supposed to be SPRING.  But… spring this year is looking a whole lot like winter!!  I looked out the window this morning and saw THIS:

Is this going to last foreveeeeer???

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Guelph Baby Photography | carter : little ones

First – THANKS to EVERYONE who’s been commenting.  You have until Tuesday evening, so keep it up!

Second – if you’re reading this and have no idea why I’m thanking everyone.  Go to my post on CANS FOR COMMENTS.

Alright… now onto Carter. What a precious little guy – 2.5 weeks old.  I was telling his mommy Kariann, that I don’t know the last time I held a newborn.  It’s been a very very    l  o  n  g    time.

You should know that Carter came about 3 weeks too early 🙂 but he weighed 6lbs 8oz.  So he was perfect! This is the story: Aaron and Kariann were having a nice romantic weekend away in Niagara Falls (they wanted to have some time for each other before the baby came) and right in the middle of that weekend away… Carter decided it was time to meet the world!
Seeing that they were 1.5hours away from home, Aaron drove as fast as he could to get back to Guelph in time to have the baby (you’ll have to ask him how long it actually took them to get here)… let’s just say it was just like the movies! LOL!!
And after only 4 short hours of labour – Carter Aaron was born!

Here are few of my favourites:

Carter was very sleepy throughout his shoot 🙂

I used my two new lenses and loved them both.  The 50mm 1.2f lens is an allstar!!!! The 100mm 2.8f macro is so wonderful for these beautiful closeup detailed shots…  mmmmm yummy!

the happy family

little angel

i love how he randomly smirks!!

dad and son

Welcome to the world little guy 🙂

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