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Olympics: Bringing the country together!

As the days go on in these Olympic games, I continue to ask myself “Why am I NOT in Vancouver?”  Dang.  I’m feeling the PATRIOTISM more than ever before… always wanting my TV to be tuned into the games – as I’m sure you are too.  I so wish I could be out west!

Call me sappy (or maybe it’s the hormones from the pregnancy! ha!), but every time I see a montage of medal deserving clips to the tune of “I Believe”, or see an athlete succeed in the sport they’ve been training in — SO many emotions well-up inside!!!  I think it’s the fact that the medals they’re collecting for themselves are a part of our Canadian heritage as well.  And it’s also the inspiration these athletes give because they are so EXCELLENT in their sport. This is their thing.  This is what they’ll be known for.  It makes me think of what I will be known for…

Anyway, this afternoon as I spent the day on my computer in front of the TV watching the ladies’ snowboard cross qualifications through to the GOLD medal winnings of Maëlle Ricker… I couldn’t help myself but yell ALOUD.  Mr. Reu freaked a little, I may have shocked myself as well 🙂 but I couldn’t help it!  I have a hunch that as these Olympic days continue, my Canadian PRIDE may get out of control 🙂


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