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Meet our little Eli Promise

Happy Tuesday everyone, and yes it’s a happy one for me because I get to introduce to you our newborn son, Eli Promise…  After 28 hours of labour (I know… crazy right?), Eli was born weighing 7lbs 15oz.  He’s only 8 days old and proving to be already such a cool kid!  As our friend Femi wrote on my facebook wall: “the globe’s in need of a makeover. it needs an Eli. it certainly needs a Promise. can share your excitement, as Eli arrives.”  And he’s finally here…

Here’s just a few photos of our little guy at 3 days and 6 days!

Justin and I want to give a big shout out to the nurses and doctors at the Guelph Genereal Hospital.  They were so amazing during our stay there.  We also want to thank so many of you for your lovely comments and for loving Eli already…

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Guelph Baby Photography | Ravyn Leigh

Let me introduce you to baby Ravyn Leigh born to our lovely couple Melynda & Calvin.  I was so excited when Melynda wrote me to tell me “I successfully delivered Ravyn Leigh” on May 11th!  They wanted to take some photos of her as soon as they could, since newborns change SO quickly!

Here are a few photos from our visit with their new little girl who was only 3 days NEW!!!

We’re so happy for your new little family 🙂

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Guelph Baby Photography | Baby Leah

It’s baby season!  Everywhere I look there’s a newborn… I love it!  If you follow my blog, you already know about Miss Leah Joy Vienna.  Her parents, Chris & Christine, are some of our best friends and we are so happy to celebrate their new family with these special photos!  Enjoy this beautiful life 🙂

I have no words for most of these photos.  She’s just too adorable!

Daddy’s going to have to try real hard to resist these little eyes… ha!
Only 11 days after giving birth and Christine is looking mighty fab.  Yes you are, my friend!

Every baby needs this shot for their album!

ohhhhh little hands & feet… you just make me melt!

We laughed so hard at her little toe… apparently just like dads’!

I have to finish with my favorite shot… Momma was trying to calm Leah down and it was just too precious!

We love you Baby Leah 🙂

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Guelph Baby Photography | Cute little Olivia

I think it’s baby season because I’m surrounded by pregnant women and/or babies… I’m loving it, for many reasons, but I especially love that I’m getting all this ‘baby-picture-taking’ practice before our little guy Eli makes his debut on our blog!!

Back in January we were hanging out with Aaron & Kariann watching the superbowl with some of our old school wedding clients and friends Jesse & Sarah (well THEY are NOT old-school, but we’ve known them for a long time now 🙂 ).  Of course, Olivia was so small and only 2 months.  Sarah talked to me then about setting up a time to take some beautiful photos of their first child.  So last night, Olivia arrived awake and ready with her big smile and blue eyes.  She did wonderfully, as you can see from the following photos!

I love when babies are cute 🙂

oh oh… I see a few tears!!

I SO love father-daughter photos!

And now, they’re 3

definitely a few of my favourites!

there are NO WORDS… 🙂

The first few months of a baby’s life are so precious… Thanks Sarah & Jesse for trusting me with capturing some memories of Olivia!

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Guelph Portrait Photography | Carter

“Our” little Carter is growing fast.  He’s 9 months now and as cute as ever!  You may remember him when he was just a few weeks old!  I love when we have the chance to journey with a family.  It’s always OUR privilege to be able to capture the growth of a life.  So thanks Aaron & Kariann… we really love and appreciate you three 🙂

Enjoy this short film of Carter.  Justin picked the most appropriate song for this blue-eyed boy – “Baby Blue” from the new Dave Matthews!!

Guelph baby photography - Carter  007Guelph baby photography - Carter  010Guelph baby photography - Carter  001

Guelph baby photography - Carter  012

Guelph baby photography - Carter  013

Carter’s dad Aaron is going to love the following shot.  His only “requirement” was that we show off his baby blues 🙂

Guelph baby photography - Carter  030

Carter’s first taste of a lemon.  He didn’t seem to mind it actually!

Guelph baby photography - Carter  033Guelph baby photography - Carter  043

Beautiful light and a beautiful baby… what more can I ask for?

Guelph baby photography - Carter  022 Guelph baby photography - Carter  026
Guelph baby photography - Carter  046Guelph baby photography - Carter  045b

Guelph baby photography - Carter  050

Guelph baby photography - Carter  002

Guelph baby photography - Carter  052 Guelph baby photography - Carter  053 Guelph baby photography - Carter  058

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