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Kitchener Family Photography | Donna’s Family

14 kids + 11 adults + balloons + bubbles + park + playground = fun family photos!

I knew this was going to be a unique family shoot when Natalie (Donna’s daughter) first contacted me.  She went on to tell me that since her aunt passed away, Donna (her mom) has taken over the role as everyone’s mother.  So I was pre-warned of the amount of people involved and I was so looking forward to meeting this beautiful family.  On top of that, Natalie informed me she was bringing bubbles and RED balloons for the kids… I KNEW we would get some great photos with those fun props!

Let me tell you, children photography is no easy feat.  It takes an incredible amount of patience and a fun personality to be able to have fun with them while shooting… because it really is all about going at their pace!

I hope you enjoy this short lifestyle film and these fun-filled, colourful photos!

I love this shot!! Here’s Donna giving the kids a little bit of an incentive to behave for the next 3 hours!!

Guelph Family Photography 05

Donna’s smile says it all… “I’m so rich”

Guelph Family Photography 06 Guelph Family Photography 07

I think that’s everyone 🙂

Guelph Family Photography 08

Oooooh so cute.  This little guy wanted to “see” the back of my camera!!

Guelph Family Photography 09

Guelph Family Photography 01

You’re NEVER too old.

Guelph Family Photography 10 Guelph Family Photography 11

bubbles = joy

Guelph Family Photography 02

I pretty much fell to the ground laughing when I took this photo…

As he was karate kicking the bubbles he was singing “everybody was kung-fu fighting”

Guelph Family Photography 14Guelph Family Photography 12

Guelph Family Photography 15

One VERY popular mom

Guelph Family Photography 16


Guelph Family Photography 04

Guelph Family Photography 18Guelph Family Photography 17
Guelph Family Photography 19

Guelph Family Photography 20

the oldest of the kids… and a really big help!

Guelph Family Photography 21

Justin’s shot!

Guelph Family Photography 22 Guelph Family Photography 23 Guelph Family Photography 24

I was wondering why this little one kept on leaning over… but then her mom told me she was actually copying me and my angles!

Guelph Family Photography 25

this is what your kids do when you’re not looking!

Guelph Family Photography 03


Guelph Family Photography 26

Isn’t she lovely with her beautiful smile

Guelph Family Photography 27

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Ajax Portrait Photography | Rourke Family

I’ve known this family for a few years now through my friend Psegga… and I have to say I really admire their giving and kind hearts. Thanks Barton, Joanne, and Kyle for being so fun and making me laugh through your whole session!! You guys are great!

Beautiful family + beautiful day = beautiful photos 🙂

Rourke Family  032Rourke Family

Rourke Family  177

Rourke Family  164

Rourke Family 3

Rourke Family  139

Rourke Family  059

Rourke Family  060

Rourke Family  058

Rourke Family  027

Rourke Family 2

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Guelph Baby Photography | nicholas: little ones

Every once in awhile I have a chance to take photos of little ones 🙂 I met this little guy Nicholas a few years back when he was first born……… and I haven’t seen him since!!  I was shocked when I saw him – he had grown so tall.  But once I met his dad, I realized where he gets it from!

He had sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much energy!!! Half way through the shoot, I removed a few layers because I was getting a workout running after him.  lol.

Anyway here are few favourites…

I had a bright idea to have Nicholas chase me with leaves…. that was a game we played for a LONG time!!


Nicholas’ parents…

the next photo looks like Justin when he was a kid…..

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