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Category Archives: graduations

University of Guelph Graduation Photography | My sister the professional student

She graduated!!! Now all three of us sisters have graduated with a degree (how impressive, I know 🙂 ) It was so awesome to watch my youngest sister Michelle walk the stage last week at the University of Guelph, and receive her degree! It was also pretty cool knowing the people she was graduating with!

You may remember these guys from my graduation shoot with them awhile back! We had such a blast!

It was my honour to watch you all graduate, friends! Best of luck with your Masters!

University of Guelph Graduation 09  186

University of Guelph Graduation 09  165

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University of Guelph Graduation Photography | smart people: graduations

The following 5 people are very smart…………. 4 of them (Sarah, MIchelle, Mike & Kyle) are graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Physics and 1 of them (Natasha) is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Physics.

I remember liking chemistry back in highschool because I had a sweet teacher (shout out to Mrs. Chisholm) – but liking science and having a career in science are two totally different things 🙂 I could NEVER see myself heading in that direction.  So in my opinion, someone graduation with a degree in science is pretty amazing.

Great job guys 🙂

And now for the fun stuff….

great friends after 4 great years!!

you’ve met Michelle before… this is my sister!!

this is Kyle

the very silly & hilarious Mike (and beautiful girlfriend Laura)

this is Sarah

and last, but definitely not least, Natasha — also known as N-bar????? (they tell me “N-bar” is a science term)

love this shot.  it has such a “one tree hill” or “OC” feel to it… LOL!!!! don’t you think???

I couldn’t resist – I love all of your expressions in this one!


All the BEST in your future endeavours 🙂

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University of Guelph Graduation Photography | michelle : news

My little sister Michelle (and by little, I mean younger – because she is much taller than I will ever be 🙂 ) is graduating from University!!!  She’s in her last year… and finishing soon. It’s amazing how fast 4 years goes by…

Anyway, I was so pumped about taking some shots of her because Michelle WANTING to take photos is a rare occurrence – so when she said “hey Mel, we should take some grad shots” I was like YES!!!!!!  And of course, at the same time, got a few fun ones (might as well take advantage of it 🙂 )


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