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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Guelph Maternity Photography | Melynda & Calvin

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂  I usually never take the time to blog on the weekends… but as I started looking ahead at this week, I realized I won’t be able to share some beautiful photos of a lovely couple Justin and I had the chance of meeting on Thursday!  And that’s just not cool.  So here it is, some beautiful maternity photos of a couple who are so down-to-earth and easy to be with!  We loved our time with them.  Not only did we take some great shots, but since Melynda’s about 7 weeks ahead of me (and its their first baby too), they had some really good tips to throw our way… THANKS!

Here’s a shout out to Melynda who may or may not be reading this (considering she’s due any second!  How exciting!)… but if you are, I hope that your upcoming birth goes fabulously!  I’ll be thinking about you!

they are such a happy couple!

please note that all the cool shots are thanks to Justin 🙂

another great shot by Justin!

I love the next 4 photos of Melynda… she’s a beautiful preggo!

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Guelph Baby Photography | Baby Leah

It’s baby season!  Everywhere I look there’s a newborn… I love it!  If you follow my blog, you already know about Miss Leah Joy Vienna.  Her parents, Chris & Christine, are some of our best friends and we are so happy to celebrate their new family with these special photos!  Enjoy this beautiful life 🙂

I have no words for most of these photos.  She’s just too adorable!

Daddy’s going to have to try real hard to resist these little eyes… ha!
Only 11 days after giving birth and Christine is looking mighty fab.  Yes you are, my friend!

Every baby needs this shot for their album!

ohhhhh little hands & feet… you just make me melt!

We laughed so hard at her little toe… apparently just like dads’!

I have to finish with my favorite shot… Momma was trying to calm Leah down and it was just too precious!

We love you Baby Leah 🙂

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Guelph Baby Photography | Aralyn Rayne

Today I had the chance of visiting Alicia and her new baby girl… Aralyn Rayne (another great baby name).  This little sweetheart is only 1 week and 4 days old!  She was awake the whole time while I was in their home, and we managed to get some great shots of her and Ellie.  When photographing babies, there’s always the hope to get some snuggly sleepy photos, but what I’ve learned from my experience with little ones is that you can only work by their schedule!  So that’s exactly what we did… and thanks to Ellie, her big sister, for being such a great help 🙂

I think Ellie is going to be the best big sister ever!  She’s been waiting for this day as long as mom and dad!


sweet little feet…

Aralyn Rayne

She loves swinging her arms around… maybe she’ll be a dancer like her aunt Bronwyn!

and a little sneeze…

Welcome to the world Aralyn Rayne!!

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am I ready?

The days are counting down quickly to the arrival of our little Eli, which will turn our family of 2 into a family of 3.  I have to admit, I have complete mixed emotions about this ‘event’ on a daily basis.  I have moments of freaking out “EVERYTHING’s GOING TO CHANGE” to “I CAN’T WAIT to meet him”.  Here’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately:  How can I better prepare myself (emotionally/mentally) for this baby?  I know everyone tells me “you’ll never feel ready”… but I’m wondering if there are any unique ways that helped some of you mother’s out there prepare yourselves for your first baby.  I’d love to hear your stories!

On another note… Last Saturday, Chris & Christine had their baby girl Leah Joy Vienna (isn’t that a great name?!) and I can tell that even since meeting her something inside of me got really excited for Eli.

Here’s a few pics of baby Leah Joy whose not even a day old!

More of Leah to come soon…

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Guelph Photographers | Operation Alysha

How much do you know about blood, bone marrow, or cord blood donation?

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t been informed simply because you haven’t needed it or known anyone whose needed it.  Well, that changed last Saturday when I met this young girl named Alysha.  She is a 6 year old girl who was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 4.  Long story short, Alysha has gone through chemo, radiation, the whole bit. Last year she had a stem cell transplant from a cord blood donor at Sick Kids. It didn’t ‘take’ like the doctors wanted, but it put her in remission and she has stayed in remission since then!  And as of now, she is actually doing fantastic. (Thanks God!)

Anyway, I have a friend Lauren who messaged me about taking photos for a blood clinic she was running in honour of Alysha.  It was going to be their 3rd clinic but had no photos to show of the previous events.  I said “yes” with the thought that “it’ll be great to help them out”.  Well, needless to say, my eyes were opened to the need of these donations… and with the upcoming birth of Eli, I realized I needed to inform myself a lot more about donating the cord blood.  Even though, it is way to expensive for most of us to store our own baby’s cord blood stem cells, I also know that if our little guy needed some of that in the future I’d be real glad that I donated…

To sum it up, I learned that donating blood is really not a “horrible” procedure.  I had thought that for so long.  But after asking many questions and seeing so many people do it that day, my previous thoughts/fear went away.

Thanks to everyone who came out to give blood… I’m sure it matters to people like Alysha more than we could possible know!

Here’s Alysha showing us her dance moves!

Alysha & her sister Amy helped the nurses… it was so cute to see how seriously they were taking their “job”

Yummy snacks provided for everyone donating. I may have had some baking… maybe.

It was a big deal for me to see everyone giving away their blood… but for Alysha it’s such a common thing.

Here’s Amy holding all of Alysha’s beads.  Every bead represents a “procedure” that Alysha has gone through.

So inspired by this man who’s given blood 25 times!

I think I ate enough chocolate eggs that morning!

Here is my friend Lauren just about ready to donate

me and the sweetie

This photo makes me laugh!  Alysha: “No Justin you can’t have anymore chocolate”.

Lauren & Sarah… the amazing girls who helped put this clinic together!

This is Sharon Delisle.  She works at the Guelph Blood Donor Clinic and can definitely help answer any of your questions (519) 837-4564.   She was so awesome in answering all of mine!

Alysha, Mark, Amy & Karen… what a lovely family 🙂

Thanks to Lauren, Sarah, Alysha & family, and the Guelph Blood Donor Clinic for letting me be part of this special day!

If you’d like to know more about blood donation, bone marrow donors and cord blood donors than you can check out their organization: Operation Alysha.

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