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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Guelph Portrait Photography | Candace’s Birthday Shoot

I love when you meet someone for the first time, spend the day with them, enjoy their company, and then get to see them again only a few days later!  That’s mine and Candace’s story.  On Tuesday I was asked by Intercultural Affairs at the University of Guelph to take a few photos of their international students for some promotional material.  Candace was assigned to organize all the students and “show me around” (so I didn’t get lost!).  Needless to say, we had many hours to talk… I found out her birthday was on Thursday and that she was really wanting to get some photos done “just for myself”.

So as a birthday gift to herself, Candace came over yesterday morning with a few of her favorite outfits (I’ve never met someone so prepared… it was awesome)! And we took a few photos to celebrate her life 🙂

On his Starbucks run, Justin bought a little “gift” for Candace 🙂  Isn’t he sweet?!

Candace, I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

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EXCITING NEWS: photo app FREE for YOU!!!

You better believe this is sweet NEWS when I START USING CAPS TO EXPRESS MY EXCITEMENT!!! ha!  Well, let’s get right to it:

We have our own APP… and it’s free!! Justin & I have been working on this for awhile now because we wanted all of our iphone / ipod touch clients to be able to download this app so that you can share our photography with your friends and family.  I’m sure you’ll find yourself somewhere on the app… which makes this such a convenient way for you to show off your sweet photos 🙂

Let me share a few photos of the actual app.

1. this is my iphone with our app on the first page 🙂 … When you open it, you’ll see the HOME page.

2. I am so happy with our PHOTO page.  The people at SMUGMUG really help make this page GREAT! …. And the BLOG page (so you can read our posts on the GO).

3. There’s also a VIDEO page & a MORE page (which includes our twitter feed and facebook fanpage).  You can download it to see more of those 🙂

4.  And here’s a screenshot of the itunes store… (you’ll notice that I only have $0.01 in my account, but that’s OK, the app’s FREE!) ** You can click on the image and download yours today **

Lastly I must thank 2 people: Justin ( and Adrian (Visual Though Communication).

Of course this was Justin’s idea (from last APRIL), but he couldn’t have done it without our developers at Visual Thought Communications, especially Adrian.  So THANK YOU!

** Also for you PHOTOGRAPHERS out there, Justin & Adrian worked really hard to make this app customizable for any other photographer who would like to have their own app for their clients to share with their sphere of people (at a way lower price than it would to have yours done on your own = sweet).  Head on over to, where you’ll find more info on how to do that!

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Guelph Baby Photography | Cute little Olivia

I think it’s baby season because I’m surrounded by pregnant women and/or babies… I’m loving it, for many reasons, but I especially love that I’m getting all this ‘baby-picture-taking’ practice before our little guy Eli makes his debut on our blog!!

Back in January we were hanging out with Aaron & Kariann watching the superbowl with some of our old school wedding clients and friends Jesse & Sarah (well THEY are NOT old-school, but we’ve known them for a long time now 🙂 ).  Of course, Olivia was so small and only 2 months.  Sarah talked to me then about setting up a time to take some beautiful photos of their first child.  So last night, Olivia arrived awake and ready with her big smile and blue eyes.  She did wonderfully, as you can see from the following photos!

I love when babies are cute 🙂

oh oh… I see a few tears!!

I SO love father-daughter photos!

And now, they’re 3

definitely a few of my favourites!

there are NO WORDS… 🙂

The first few months of a baby’s life are so precious… Thanks Sarah & Jesse for trusting me with capturing some memories of Olivia!

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