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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Friday’s Simple Pleasures

Before I head out the door tonight to run our youth outreach “The Element Youth” (which is what we do every Friday night), I thought I’d share a few of my simple pleasures from this past week.  My mom and Justin can vouch for the few things that I’ve kinda been hooked on lately.  But as much as they bug the heck out of me… they’re partially to blame for my cravings (especially Mom).

#1 Simple Pleasure of the week: I can’t get enough of Cherry Blossoms… I don’t know another soul who likes these as much as I do… but I don’t care.  (I’ve eaten 4 this week!!)

Are there any other Cherry Blossom lovers out there?  I. love. cherries.

#2 Simple Pleasure of the week: Malcolm Gladwell’s book “BLINK”.  I loved  Outliers so much that I asked for his other two books for Christmas.

Tell me you’ve read his stuff.  If you haven’t… I’ll let you in on a secret.  It’s shameful for me to share.  I feel like people judge me when I tell them.  So I hate saying it… I don’t like to read.  Almost ever.  I mean, I read my Bible… and blogs…………. but other than that, I have a hard time sitting down with a book to read.  BUT if you give me something by Malcolm Gladwell or Donald Miller, I’m usually loving my life (because I’m actually reading).

#3 Simple Pleasure of the week:  And with this, I digress 🙂  Thanks to my lovely mother who showed me how to play Bubble Pop on her phone.  I quickly found a similar app for my iphone and I’m hooked.  I’m laughing out loud thinking about last week when my mom was visiting and wanted to go to Square One.  So Justin and I went with her… except I didn’t shop at all.  I was like a total guy, sitting outside the stores on the nearest bench and playing Bubble Pop.  My mom (and Justin) were stunned at my lack of shopping interest.  They wanted to have a Bubble Pop intervention for me… but I didn’t want anything to do with that 🙂

So I guess I have no complaints for this week.  I mean, really, I don’t think I’m allowed to complain… It’s been good.   There’s obviously a lot going on in the world and so I sit here and I just feel blessed wondering what can be done for some of those Haitians who will never have the chance to experience some of our simple pleasures.

But amazingly enough, I’ve been overwhelmed at how people are coming together to give…. generously.  AWESOME.  I love it.

I hope you have a pleasing weekend enjoying some of your simple pleasures 🙂


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Kettleby Wedding Photography: Victoria & Brett

Happy New Year! (Better late than never I suppose 🙂 )  My holidays were extra long this year with having my parents visiting for a few weeks.  But today the holidays end with their departure back to the very wintery homeland of Timmins!  And now it’s also back to work for me with blogging and post processing!

What a better way to start the year than with a beautiful winter wedding!  Justin and I headed up to Kettleby to photograph Victoria & Brett – a lovely couple!  We connected with these two through the gorgeous Renee (Brett’s soon-to-be sister in law) who I’ve known for several years now.  As Victoria shared the vision of her wedding, I was excited to use some of the christmasy decor in their shots!  But of course with very cold weather, my eyes eagerly searched for great light since we stayed indoors the entire day…

As I went through their photos today, I couldn’t help but smile at both Brett & Victoria’s beautiful smiles.  I know you’ll enjoy these as much as I did!

such a funny moment… something “borrowed”!!

Victoria’s niece being a very big help 🙂

While I was with the ladies, Justin was taking some great shots of Brett and his guys

One of my favourites!

love love love the sparkling lights behind them!!

Cheers to the two of you… beautiful people with great hearts!

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