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Monthly Archives: December 2009

a great husband + a sweet cake + silly friends = my birthday

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!  Well… it was my birthday on Sunday and my wonderful husband Justin threw me a small party.  He asked me awhile ago: “Do you think I could throw you a party?” “Of course,” I said.  Then an hour later he asked “how many people should I invite?”.  Of course I laughed and told him to do what he wanted.  He’s too funny.

I’m proud to say that he did it all himself with no help from me.  We had such a great time… It had been awhile since I had a party because my birthday is pretty close to Christmas which means most people are either all partied out or busy with other things. Of course all you December babies know how it feels… right?! But this year I think Justin felt bad for me since I’ve been so MIGHTY SICK with this little baby growing inside of me!

Anyway, I had to share a few photos that he took of me, my sweet cake, and some of my silly friends 🙂  ENJOY!

Soooo there’s this woman, Diane, who goes to my church and she makes these amazing cakes.

I don’t think she’s been doing it long…but MAN DOES THIS CAKE ROCK or WHAT?!!!

Mel's Bday  007

Yep, it’s true, I’m 27…

Mel's Bday  010

When most of the people had left… it was pretty late and Justin & Nathan dragged us all to the studio to take some of the silliest photos I’ve ever seen of my friends.

(Here’s hoping they’re still my friends after they see that I’ve posted these 🙂

Mel's Bday  002

Gotta love Value Village!

Mel's Bday  006 Nathan & Jenn

Mel's Bday  005 Sooooooo funny & yucky… Sarah found some old tissues in the pockets of these old shorts!!! LOL!!

Mel's Bday  004
Mel's Bday  003THANKS hun for all of the effort that you put into my birthday!  Love you!

Mel's Bday  001

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