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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Guelph Portrait Photography | MacGregor Family

Just about a month ago, Heather was surprised by her two lovely friends with a photo shoot.   She loved her experience so much (which makes me VERY happy) that she decided to do the same for her mom!  Earlier on that day, during her birthday lunch, she had been talking about to taking some “family photos” because it had been awhile!  Well her wish came true…and she was ecstatic as you can see below 🙂

Here are a few photos from her surprise family shoot!

Love that smile 🙂

Guelph Portrait Photography - MacGregor Family  001Guelph Portrait Photography - MacGregor Family  004

Balloons are really popular this season!

Guelph Portrait Photography - MacGregor Family  007Guelph Portrait Photography - MacGregor Family  006

They even brought badminton rackets because they LOVE to play.  And YES she even played in her dress!

Guelph Portrait Photography - MacGregor Family  009

Guelph Portrait Photography - MacGregor Family  005

Guelph Portrait Photography - MacGregor Family  002

If you’re interested in SURPRISING someone with a photo shoot… send me an email

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Kitchener Family Photography | Donna’s Family

14 kids + 11 adults + balloons + bubbles + park + playground = fun family photos!

I knew this was going to be a unique family shoot when Natalie (Donna’s daughter) first contacted me.  She went on to tell me that since her aunt passed away, Donna (her mom) has taken over the role as everyone’s mother.  So I was pre-warned of the amount of people involved and I was so looking forward to meeting this beautiful family.  On top of that, Natalie informed me she was bringing bubbles and RED balloons for the kids… I KNEW we would get some great photos with those fun props!

Let me tell you, children photography is no easy feat.  It takes an incredible amount of patience and a fun personality to be able to have fun with them while shooting… because it really is all about going at their pace!

I hope you enjoy this short lifestyle film and these fun-filled, colourful photos!

I love this shot!! Here’s Donna giving the kids a little bit of an incentive to behave for the next 3 hours!!

Guelph Family Photography 05

Donna’s smile says it all… “I’m so rich”

Guelph Family Photography 06 Guelph Family Photography 07

I think that’s everyone 🙂

Guelph Family Photography 08

Oooooh so cute.  This little guy wanted to “see” the back of my camera!!

Guelph Family Photography 09

Guelph Family Photography 01

You’re NEVER too old.

Guelph Family Photography 10 Guelph Family Photography 11

bubbles = joy

Guelph Family Photography 02

I pretty much fell to the ground laughing when I took this photo…

As he was karate kicking the bubbles he was singing “everybody was kung-fu fighting”

Guelph Family Photography 14Guelph Family Photography 12

Guelph Family Photography 15

One VERY popular mom

Guelph Family Photography 16


Guelph Family Photography 04

Guelph Family Photography 18Guelph Family Photography 17
Guelph Family Photography 19

Guelph Family Photography 20

the oldest of the kids… and a really big help!

Guelph Family Photography 21

Justin’s shot!

Guelph Family Photography 22 Guelph Family Photography 23 Guelph Family Photography 24

I was wondering why this little one kept on leaning over… but then her mom told me she was actually copying me and my angles!

Guelph Family Photography 25

this is what your kids do when you’re not looking!

Guelph Family Photography 03


Guelph Family Photography 26

Isn’t she lovely with her beautiful smile

Guelph Family Photography 27

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there’s a time to work & a time to play | Italy 2009

We know it.  It’s true.  Justin & I are blessed, lucky, fortunate, serendipitous, privileged… whatever you’d like to call it 🙂  It’s been an amazing year of travel for us and we haven’t taken it for granted.  From the lovely coasts of Western Australia to the beaches of Jamaica; the bumpy roads of Zambia to the waterways of Venice.  I still can’t believe we’ve been to 4 continents and 9 countries; We’ve taken 31 flights and thousands of photos!

When we decided to take a trip to Italy to celebrate 5 years of marital bliss, we were excited…. but didn’t realize that we wouldn’t have time to plan more than our bed & breakfast for the first 3 nights (and even that was a friends’ last minute suggestion)!  Weeks leading to our trip, I started fretting a bit about not having any plans (I love to plan!) when we arrived to Venice.  But the busyness of wedding season didn’t stop, and it wasn’t until I was on the plane that I started reading about what we would actually do when we got there.

So as you watch this video and look at these photos… think: unexpected, impromptu, surprise!  Because almost everything we saw and did was exactly that for us!

One of our first photos we took in the little town of Chioggia (aka “mini Venice”)

Italy 2009  001
Italy 2009  004

Our B&B in Chioggia… 5 levels.  We stayed on the bottom floor and ate breakfast on the top floor!

Italy 2009  050

Gino, the homeowner, made sure we knew there were 72 steps to the top.  The view was amazing!

Italy 2009  005 Italy 2009  006Oh Venice… how I love getting “lost” in all of your random streets and alleys.

Italy 2009  008

Italy 2009  002

Italy 2009  023

The BEST pasta I had on our whole trip… fagotini!  YUMMY!

Italy 2009  009Totally loved being serenaded by the accordionists while eating fagotini… SO Italy 🙂

Italy 2009  003

walking or boating… your two choices of transportation!

Italy 2009  016

Justin snapped this photo, early in the morning, of a grocer bringing in the produce for the day!

Italy 2009  106
Italy 2009  018love this!!

Italy 2009  020
Italy 2009  022

My FAVOURITE photo of the trip

Italy 2009  027 Italy 2009  028

Yes we HAD to experience the GONDOLA.  Here’s our gondolier:

Italy 2009  007Not everyone takes the short boat ride to the near island of Murano (where they make all of the glass that you buy in Venice), but it was SO worth it!

Italy 2009  035

I thought I’d be bored at the OPERA… but NOPE it was so amazing especially since they were all dressed in the baroque style garb.

Italy 2009  042 Italy 2009  045 Italy 2009  048Now to ROMA… Our first stop: The Spanish Steps.

There were only a few tourists.

Italy 2009  055

This is where we ran into Nigel Lythgoe… but before we could talk to him or take his picture, he walked into this shoe store!!

Italy 2009  056

Rome at night = AWESOME!  We slept in many days because we loved the cool and lively nights!

Italy 2009  059

St. Peter’s Basilica

Italy 2009  063 Italy 2009  065 Italy 2009  066

The famous Coliseum

Italy 2009  067

Ancient Rome… this is where the saying “all roads lead to Rome” comes from.  We’re right in the center!

Italy 2009  073 Italy 2009  074 Italy 2009  076 Italy 2009  078

LOL!!! One afternoon, we were sitting on a bench, reading and resting, then suddenly we were surrounded by hundreds of Vespas and a wedding party!

I guess I can’t get away from wedding photography 🙂

Italy 2009  092Italy 2009  087

Here are some more night shots, including the Fountain of Trevi:

Italy 2009  088and the Coliseum again…

Italy 2009  090
Italy 2009  093

Picture this: It’s the end of a long day of walking and we were so tired.  We were trying to find the Metro… and let’s be honest – I was GRUMPY… Until I found this random bakery.

We actually walked by it, but then my nose caught the smell of pastries and I took a few steps back to see stairs leading down to this bakery in the basement of a building. All I could think was THANK YOU GOD!

Italy 2009  105

On our last day in Rome, we headed to the 2nd largest museum in the world: The Vatican Museum!

The Last Supper

Italy 2009  095

This is actually worth more than gold!

Italy 2009  099

The Sistine Chapel = no cameras, no video cameras, no talking, no falling…

Italy 2009  101

Justin disobeyed and took this shot of The Sistine Ceiling. And I’m so glad he did!

This is the middle scene where God infuses his soul into man (creation) being the most famous (and very small) part of the ceiling.

Painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512.  Brilliant.

Italy 2009  102

The End.

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Windsor Wedding Photography | Tam & Huy’s Short Film

Well this is a few weeks late, but considering we were out of the country and enjoying life a little!!….. We’re now getting caught up on all of our editing and Justin is finishing up all sorts of short lifestyle films!

We’re also going to post some photos and a highlight video from Italy sooooooon!  So stay tuned for that fun stuff!!

But for today here’s Tam & Huy‘s short film.  Enjoy!

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Abbotsford Wedding Photography | Jeannine & Glenn

I actually don’t know where to start with this post.  What a day!  What a BEAUTIFUL day!  An emotion-filled day for all of us.  You’ll remember Jeannine & Glenn from their engagement session back in May in British Columbia.  And if you remember that post, you know that Glenn is Justin’s dad… my father-in-law (although we usually like to skip the “in-law” part 🙂

This day couldn’t have come quicker for the two of them.  With so much hope in their future, for months they were wanting their future to be the present!!  Well now, the day has come and gone… and I’m hoping these photos will help you remember how special it was, how special you are… both individually and together!

Justin & I were so grateful as to how they intentionally made each of us kids feel so special on their day.  We were all involved and had our place.  I’d say I’m most impressed with my talented Justin who was busy officiating the wedding, being the son of the groom, and second-shooting.  I KNOW, he’s amazing right?!  Even in our “busy-ness”, we didn’t want to miss out on celebrating and ‘feeling’ the day so we tried real hard to put down the camera at times to just “be” with dad and Jeannine.

We’d love nothing more than for you to enjoy this slideshow of their wedding (with a few video segments fused into it).

I love this egg Jeannine got from the Ukraine.  She bought two… one I used in their engagement shoot and this beautiful one.

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  002

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  007

While Justin was hanging out with his dad at the house, I was with Jeannine at the salon.

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  001

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  008 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  017Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  011Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  010

This is Aubrey, my favourite brother-in-law… ok so he’s my only brother BUT he’s still my favourite!!

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  013

The next two shots of Justin’s are full of amazing emotion between a dad and his daughters.

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  016Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  015
Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  019

So gorgeous and beaming with joy!

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  021

Minutes before the ceremony started… love it!

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  024 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  027

Let’s pause here for a funny story.

Let’s go back 5 years to when Justin and I got married.  Of course dad officiated our wedding, but when he pronounced us man and wife he said:  “Mr & Mrs Justin and Melanie Boudreau” (Boudreau was my maiden name).  None of us noticed until someone mentioned it later and then of course we all had a big laugh about it (and we’ve never let Glenn forget it either)!

So when Glenn asked Justin to repay him the favour by officiating his wedding to Jeannine, I had my suspicions that Justin would do the same.  And of course, he did.

“Let me introduce you to Mr and Mrs Glenn and Jeannine Boyd, I mean Driedger” 🙂  So fun.

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  004

Me and my two lovely twin sisters *whistles*

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  035

Their guestbook

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  026

Here’s another great moment when Jeannine surprised Glenn with a ‘bouquet’ of wheat.

Only a few months ago Grandpa Driedger passed away, and of course Glenn was so disappointed to not have his dad with him on his special day.

His dad was a farmer and so Jeannine really wanted to have some wheat in some of the photos to remember him by.  Special.

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  003

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  038Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  037 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  041

What’s a wedding without your two best friends: Heidi and Gerald!

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  042 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  048 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  050

Hmmm this looks familiar 🙂

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  051 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  053

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  005

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  058 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  062

Jeannine’s niece was looking so fierce.  I loved her look!

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  064

LOVE these two moments with Glenn’s mom on the left and Jeannine’s sister on the right.

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  006

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  065

The Driedger family at their best!!

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  075 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  077 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  084 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  085

You can totally sense the love and joy from these two.  bliss.

Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  086 Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  100Abbotsford Wedding Photography - Jeannine & Glenn  096

Dad & Jeannine… much love to both of you!  Thanks for entrusting us in capturing all the special moments of your day.  It was nothing less than a joyful celebration for you and our family!

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