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Monthly Archives: February 2009

retreat, junk food, my friends : my life

I had the chance to spend a weekend with my lovely friend Psegga… and 45 teenagers!!!! It was pretty awesome… except that I was SICK like a dog all weekend long!!  So even though I stayed in my bed, missing out on tobogganing, slay riding, and camp firing 🙂 I still was glad to be there.

Here’s a few things I learned about myself…

1. When I’m sick – kleenex, vicks vaporub, lozenges, water, and tylenol cold & flu ARE my friends!!

2. I am more in love with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and cheetos than I have ever been!! HA!! (I actually saw a kid eating them this week and desperately wanted a bag!) ** AND NO we didn’t eat all 60 of the cookies………. but I ate my fair share!! **

3. I would rather have my suitcase look like this, then to unpack it for a day in order to pack it up again!!! (Sorry Christine – I know you were hoping to help me change my ways)

4. This girl is special 🙂 Love you PSEGGA!!!

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Destination Wedding Photography – Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica | Jennifer & Tyler : trash the dress

There wasn’t a lot of hesitation when Jennifer asked me if I’d do a “trash the dress” shoot with her and Tyler during our week in Jamaica. I was pleased that she suggested it…

Originally she had decided to wear another dress, but the day of the shoot (which was THE DAY AFTER THE WEDDING) she chose to use her actual WEDDING DRESS. I think I gave her an applause 🙂 What a brave woman!

Here are the photos…….

As you can see… I REALLY loved this green fence 🙂

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Destination Wedding Photography – Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica | Jennifer & Tyler : Destinations

Confession: I’m such a bad blogger.  I think this winter weather is bringing me down. I had so much energy when I was in Australia/Jamaica… but since I’ve been home things are taking longer than they should – like this post!!!!!! But, it’s finally here.

Jennifer & Tyler’s wedding in Ocho Rios was AMAZING!!!!!!!!  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  The beach, the ocean, the colours, the Jamaicans, the music, the love… all of those things create the PERFECT atmosphere for a wedding 🙂

I was so honoured to be there with a select few of their closest friends and family members… and it was pretty sweet to spend the week with these fabulous people!

perfect. paradise. passionate.

Here’s my assistant Christine in action 🙂 Christine is a wedding planner and is amazing at what she does. You need to check out Pure Potential Weddings if you haven’t already.

She not only helped me all day long with photography… but she made all the other details happen!

I love how many girls are helping Stephanie with her dress!!

Jen’s sister Pamela has the most amazing and contagious smile 🙂

Tyler & Jennifer really wanted a low-key wedding because they’re both pretty shy people…  SO we laughed at how many people were staring at them all day long!

I love Jen’s expression – passionate about her new husband 🙂  You guys are so cute!!!

As you can see…. they kissed A LOT!!! Ha!

I LOVED this staircase!!! It deserved to be photographed.

And that’s the end of their beautiful day 🙂

Their trash the dress session deserves its on post – coming in a few days!

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