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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Guelph Engagement Photography | hue & peter : engagements

What a gorgeous couple these two are!  I met up with them awhile back and had the chance to hear a little bit about their unique story.  She’s from TEXAS, he’s from ONTARIO.  They’ve been doing the long-distance thing for awhile and now they’re getting married!!!

They must be thrilled.  Long distance relationships are tough (or at least for me it was)!! Justin & I did it for one summer and that was enough for us!!

Best of luck you two as you plan your upcoming wedding 🙂

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University of Guelph Graduation Photography | michelle : news

My little sister Michelle (and by little, I mean younger – because she is much taller than I will ever be 🙂 ) is graduating from University!!!  She’s in her last year… and finishing soon. It’s amazing how fast 4 years goes by…

Anyway, I was so pumped about taking some shots of her because Michelle WANTING to take photos is a rare occurrence – so when she said “hey Mel, we should take some grad shots” I was like YES!!!!!!  And of course, at the same time, got a few fun ones (might as well take advantage of it 🙂 )


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St. Catherines Wedding Photography | jennifer & nathan : weddings

As the weekend approaches, I usually start having anxious thoughts about… the WEATHER!!  I always say a little prayer for “NO RAIN”.  But… when it does happen to rain… it’s never that bad.  Really, it isn’t.  Actually if it doesn’t completely pour – I usually come out with some pretty sweet shots that I love love love.

Jenn & Nathan’s wedding in St. Catharines was – special.  Aside from the girl’s dresses & the flowers (that I personally loved)… and the food that was phenomenal (what’s a wedding without GOOD FOOD). hehe.  There were some really special moments — Jenn’s grandma couldn’t make it to the wedding because she was sick in the hospital, so Jenn’s dad (who happens to be St. Catharines mayor btw) took us by her hospital room and I was able to snap a few shots from that visit.  Nana was SO happy that they would take the time to see her… that is most definitely an “awww” moment.  Very special.

relaxed. rainy. special.


Jenn getting final hair and makeup touchups done (at the same time)…

A little wind never hurt anyone 🙂

Jenn’s dad happens to be the mayor of St. Catharines – so he wanted to have a photo in front of city hall!

I’m so glad we made time for this stop… Nana was soooooo happy & grateful we stopped by!!

What a shy little cutie 🙂 Gladly we managed to get a smile!!

I’m confident these two are going to have a very long and happy life!!!  Congrats 🙂

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my addiction : my life

It’s official.  I’m addicted to ROLO cookies.  It’s my sister-Michelle’s fault really… She came home after a meeting at her work the other night, and started RAVING about these cookies her coworker made: rolo chocolate-filled cookies.  

So last night,  Justin (being in one of his “obsessive chocolate moments”) walked to the corner store and bought 4 packages of overpriced rolos so Michelle could make us some cookies (she’s a way better cook/baker than me!!).  They were amazing.  wow.

and YES they are as good as they look.

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Belleville Wedding Photography | andrea & jeff : weddings

I travelled a lot this summer (mostly all over Southern Ontario) to do wedding photography.  That can be tricky — 1. because I hate getting lost (but i just got an iphone 🙂 🙂 so that won’t be happening too much anymore!!!) and 2. I don’t know the area very well to plan for photos.

Back in June, I met up in the Belleville area to shoot Andrea & Jeff’s wedding… and when I arrived to the house (Montrose Inn), I was very happy to see that the entire wedding was happening there – beautiful, old, victorian (loved the character).  It completely worked with the style of the wedding.

ADVICE: When planning your wedding -ALWAYS- personalize as much of the details as you can.  I love when couples make everything work according to their style & personality.  It’s very HONEST.

simple. traditional. elegant.

Congratulations again Andrea & Jeff!!

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