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Yearly Archives: 2008

Rockwood Wedding Photography | Clair & Kiran : Hindu Wedding

**UPDATE: Thanks to all who commented for canned goods to the food bank!  80 cans were donated and they were very grateful 🙂 **


Now onto Clair & Kiran – I had the great opportunity to spend my birthday with these two fabulous people.  I love when I meet such AMAZING couples.  Like I always say : that’s why I LOVE my job!!

Here’s a sneak peak from their wedding last weekend… (as you can see I had a hard time just choosing a few 🙂

ENJOY!……. more to come after Australia/Jamaica!

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Guelph Baby Photography | carter : little ones

First – THANKS to EVERYONE who’s been commenting.  You have until Tuesday evening, so keep it up!

Second – if you’re reading this and have no idea why I’m thanking everyone.  Go to my post on CANS FOR COMMENTS.

Alright… now onto Carter. What a precious little guy – 2.5 weeks old.  I was telling his mommy Kariann, that I don’t know the last time I held a newborn.  It’s been a very very    l  o  n  g    time.

You should know that Carter came about 3 weeks too early 🙂 but he weighed 6lbs 8oz.  So he was perfect! This is the story: Aaron and Kariann were having a nice romantic weekend away in Niagara Falls (they wanted to have some time for each other before the baby came) and right in the middle of that weekend away… Carter decided it was time to meet the world!
Seeing that they were 1.5hours away from home, Aaron drove as fast as he could to get back to Guelph in time to have the baby (you’ll have to ask him how long it actually took them to get here)… let’s just say it was just like the movies! LOL!!
And after only 4 short hours of labour – Carter Aaron was born!

Here are few of my favourites:

Carter was very sleepy throughout his shoot 🙂

I used my two new lenses and loved them both.  The 50mm 1.2f lens is an allstar!!!! The 100mm 2.8f macro is so wonderful for these beautiful closeup detailed shots…  mmmmm yummy!

the happy family

little angel

i love how he randomly smirks!!

dad and son

Welcome to the world little guy 🙂

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Guelph Food Bank | cans for comments : news

I’m sensing that “It’s better to give than to receive” is really meaning a lot to people this year.  I’m hearing of many stories of families who are giving up their gifts so that families who don’t have anything can have enough to live. I love that.  And Justin & I want to do our part.

So WHAT’S the deal?  Well…for the next 7 days – for every person who comments on ANY of our blog entries – we will donate a canned good to the Guelph Food Bank.  So spread the news and start commenting because you have until next Tuesday evening to share the love by giving us a little love 🙂

Thanks to Chris+Lynn for coming up with this unique way to giveaway!

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Kitchener Wedding Photography | Carmelita & Jose : Filipino Wedding

It feels like forever since I’ve blogged.  My trip to Australia and Jamaica are coming up really quickly and I’m swamped trying to get everything done!

But…. finally here’s Carmelita & Jose’s wedding photos.  When I first met this couple and heard their story, I knew it was going to be a unique and special day!  It was my first traditional filipino wedding and it was beautiful.

All day long, Jose’s friends kept on saying “Jo is sooo happy!”  To make a long story short… 4 years ago Jo’s wife passed away and ever since “has been going through a really dark time” until he met Carmelita.  As you can see from these photos – the “dark” times are over 🙂

new love. new happiness. new family.

my competition…

I think Jose thought the priest told him to shake Carmelita’s hand!!  These two are so cute!!

Halfway down the aisle, someone yelled out “Jo kiss your bride!”

Carmelita looking as classy as it gets 🙂

This is the very happy Jose

He made sure I got PLENTY of photos of his car.  He was so proud of it!!  It was quite a fine ride!

probably my favourite shot…

You’re definitely as young as you feel.  They sure partied like they were young 🙂

a special traditional Philipino dance by Jo’s cousin visiting from the U.S.

first dance

love this photo

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Guelph Wedding Photography | Natalie & Phil

Beautiful people – inside and out.  Honestly… I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone as kind and as compassionate as Natalie.  Always making sure everyone is taking care of and having a good time… Their wedding was an amazing celebration for their new life together but they also went out of their way to honour their parents for having set a great example of love.

Oh and how can I forget… you should know that Natalie’s one of the “weather-girls” (at least that’s what I’ve always called them! lol) for the weather network and Philip works for the Guelph Storm!  So you can imagine all the weather-like comments and jokes that were being said all day long… haha.

classy. honourable. relaxed.

proud mom


I love this… Natalie’s Julia Roberts smile 🙂

…sisterly love…


Rob & Natalja gambling with the cards on the table!!! Natalja Robertsdottir did all the ladies’ makeup that day!  (I’ve never met anyone as passionate about makeup)!  But… unfortunately for us, Natalja’s a little busy these days doing makeup for MS2 Productions.

I know there’s lots of love and happiness coming your way… happy marriage 🙂

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